We are proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading electrical & instrumentation contractors and service providers. We have a culture of excellence that runs through our company and a reputation for doing whatever it takes to help our clients succeed.  

We are now a proud member of the Stuart Olson family and are able to provide our clients with an expanded level of service. Stuart Olson gives us a fully integrated, single-source service capacity, capable of tailoring solutions to meet any and all project requirements. In other words, we can now do it all.

This is a highly competitive business where our clients seek dependable and resourceful solutions that streamline processes and decision making. Our broad experience as an electrical & instrumentation contractor, combined with Stuart Olson’s full range of capabilities, means that we have the resources readily available to address the full range of client needs.

People, Pride & Service. That’s Studon. 



Our goal is simple: deliver projects on time and on budget while adhering to the highest safety standards throughout the process. Our Project Control and Project Management Systems allow us to work seamlessly with clients and other on-site contractors to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.


Studon works hand-in-hand with clients to deliver exceptional results, from small local projects to remote billion dollar oil sands projects.

Our in-house estimating is supported by a continuously-updated materials-and-productivity database for most regions of Western Canada. We couple our bids with highly-skilled, highly-experienced project managers and tradespeople to ensure our bids are always extremely competitive.

We also maximize productivity when we carefully plan all projects using a unique work-face management tool, which ensures that drawings, materials, tools, approvals and workers arrive at your site in a staged and highly organized manner. This approach helps keep costs low and client satisfaction high. 



At Studon, we understand how the lifecycle and full value of a project can span years if not decades. Quality, combined with reliable plant management is essential if an owner is to derive full value from their enormous investment of time and dollars.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide clients with a full range of services, including lifecycle management, plant turnarounds, diagram verification and a full range of in-house specialty services unique to our industry. Our on-site teams are highly trained and experienced, with each team tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities unique to each project.

Our clients rely on us to deliver their turnaround on time/on budget and most importantly, without incident. Turnarounds should never become high-risk events that push schedules and stretch costs.

Contractors who hold up productivity through delays have more of an impact than a client’s ability to perform – they also affect jobs and the bottom line. We understand that our clients can’t hold their breath for the duration of a major maintenance project here at Studon. They need to have the confidence and peace of mind that their key contractors understand turnaround exposures, they will maintain the highest standards of safety and quality and they will deliver their turnaround on time and on budget.

We have the safety, quality processes and the experience that enable our tradespeople to work within the scope of your plant operations.


Special Services

Studon has the expertise, capacity and management systems in place to handle any job in electrical & instrumentation construction and maintenance, regardless of size or complexity. 


We apply the same strict safety and quality standards to ensure maximum results for our client on every job. We are driven to provide service and arrive at innovative solutions for each and every job we perform for our clients. Our range of specialty services is extensive and includes the following:

  • Electrical Heat Tracing installation and maintenance
  • Drilling and service rig electrical & instrumentation maintenance/construction
  • Purchasing and Materials Management
  • Instrument Calibrations