Project Control

Big projects require extensive planning, broad expertise and real solutions. Our experience proves luck has absolutely nothing to do with success.

Delivering mega-projects on time – and on budget – demands seamless, 24/7 safety management and project control. The contractor you hire must have the know-how to seamlessly and effectively integrate into your project management, with tight controls and useful, real-time data on every aspect of the project, including safety, scheduling, performance and cost. At Studon, we have invested in advanced management systems and the necessary training to meet the special requirements of even the biggest projects. Our systems give us the ability to answer clients’ questions and provide them with the right information – at the right time – to make informed, effective decisions. Most importantly, we ensure those decisions are translated into productive action in the field. Our front line supervisors and field teams have the training and experience to know what clients need and when they need it. At Studon, we are able to provide fully integrated, custom solutions to meet every client objective.


Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Few plans survive construction realities without some modification, so the only solution is a flexible and intelligent Quality Management System that allows for easy adaptation and modification. Our foundation for quality project control is open and collaborative communication with all project leaders.

Our Quality Assurance process begins with our project bid when we meticulously document the scope of work and all client requirements. We then assign a quality services team to work with the client’s overall quality management team for the duration of the project.

Our Quality Control process verifies every step of the test plan to ensure compliance with our Quality Assurance process and procedures, all code requirements, as well as all client specifications. Additionally, our internal audit process includes regular field surveillance throughout the duration of the project to ensure quality.



Studon is all about people and personal safety is our top priority on every job. We are a company that is passionate about performance, but our most important job is to get everyone home safe and sound every day, after every shift. 

Our commitment to safety is supported by a company-wide culture focused on the health and wellbeing of all persons; one that is strengthened by an organizational commitment to continuous improvement, best practices and regular external audits to ensure we follow the highest safety guidelines. As a result, Studon has been recognized by Alberta Labour, Workplace Health and Safety, the Alberta Construction Safety Association, the Canadian Society of Engineering, and many of our valued customers for safety excellence. We have also held a COR (certificate of recognition) rating since 1996. 


Maintenance Agreements

We believe that reliability is the first step to profitability at Studon. That basic rule of business is why our service teams are always on call.  We provide everything from individual service calls to long-term preventive maintenance agreements so Studon’s Service Team will do everything possible to ensure that your business stays up and running.

Our highly-trained technicians come prepared when they arrive at project sites in fully-stocked and tooled service trucks, ready to minimize any project downtime.

Our solid reputation is supported by a track record of success because we work closely with clients throughout Western Canada to customize maintenance programs that fit their special needs and top priorities.

Studon provides a full range of maintenance services across industry sectors, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Water Treatment
  • Infrastructure
  • Pulp & Paper