Studon is all about people, in fact safety is our top priority on every job. We are passionate about our job performance, but our most important job is to get everyone home safe and sound, after every shift, every day. 

Our commitment to safety is supported by a company-wide culture focused on the health and wellbeing of all persons and strengthened by an organizational commitment to continuous improvement, best practices and regular external audits to ensure we follow the highest standards.

As a result, Studon has been recognized by Alberta Labour, Workplace Health and Safety, the Alberta Construction Safety Association, the Canadian Society of Engineering and many of our customers for safety excellence. We have also held a COR (certificate of recognition) rating since 1996.


Our Commitment

Proactively Committed to Safety

Our employees are our most valuable asset so their safety and wellbeing is not only a priority but a fundamental value built into our company’s culture.

Studon’s HSE Services team is strongly committed to a proactive and inclusive approach to safety that promotes positive safety behaviors and participation for every employee. Our award winning safety record is the result of rigorous training standards and a company-wide culture that makes safety our highest priority for every Studon employee on every project. Our clients expect the highest safety standards and practices to be deployed on every job from start to finish – and we deliver.

People, Pride & Service. That’s Studon.


Project HSE Management

HSE On-Site Management

Planning for HSE is integrated throughout all phases of our work, commencing from the bid phase of a contract and through to the close-out of every job.

A bid on every potential contract means the HSE Services team is involved with identifying client-specific requirements to create sample HSE plans, determine training requirements for the specific job scope, and identify adequate HSE staff representation in advance. HSE Services works collaboratively with internal teams and clients to ensure the requirements of Studon’s HSE Management Program and those of the client are met during the process.

HSE Services works with project management and client contacts to develop the site-specific HSE plan, on-site orientation program, and to communicate job expectations to all workers prior to job site mobilization.

Studon’s HSE Services team is actively involved with a regular presence at the work site to ensure responsibilities are carried out on the job site throughout any construction, ongoing service or maintenance contract. 


Electrical Safety

Our Electrical Safety Program

Studon recognizes that a safe work environment is achieved through an ongoing process, with employees and management collaborating daily to reduce hazards and improve worker safety.

It is the policy of Studon to minimize the risk involved with electrical-based tasks by working with de-energized equipment wherever possible.

Our Electrical Safety Program has been incorporated into the HSE Management program in order to minimize hazardous electrical exposures to personnel and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to electrical systems. The Electrical Safety Program is based on OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, NFPA 70E-2009, and CSA Z462 requirements and guidelines, and is the basis of the minimum performance expectations for all employees involved with energized electrical work. 


Accountability & Ownership

Safety Depends on Accountability

At Studon, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment through education, training and strict adherence to safe work practices and procedures.

Our safety management system gives each employee accountability and ownership for safety where he or she works.

Each employee is required by this system to report any and all unsafe situations they observe, and to decline any unsafe work assignment, unless and until it can be made safe to proceed.

This can be inconvenient to all concerned and it may result in certain costs. However, there is no question that the alternative to safety is to take unnecessary chances – and that is a risk we will not take at Studon.


Continuous Improvement

Raising the Bar on Performance

Our HSE Management systems, Quality Management systems and Business Processes are designed to ensure that all operations surpass governing standard requirements here at Studon.

We instill an attitude and process of continuous improvement that seeks to elevate performance above and beyond legal/regulatory requirements. Specifically, our continuous improvement process is meant to identify opportunities for improvement and provide a process for the application of those opportunities into our Management Systems.

Our experience shows that our commitment to continuous improvement strengthens our ability to compete by driving innovation and raising the bar for our industry. This process already enables us to perform at levels beyond today’s legal and regulatory requirements. 



Maintaining the Industry’s Highest Standards

Studon must undergo an annual audit of its Health and Safety Program to retain its status as a Certificate of Recognition holder.

The audit is mandated by Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Workplace Health and Safety, as well as the Alberta Construction Safety Association (as the Certifying Partner). Studon ensures that an Alberta COR Audit is conducted so its Health, Safety & Environment Program complies with the most current certification requirements.

In addition to audits of the HSE Management Program, site-specific audits are conducted. These audits are scheduled as follows:

  • Post-Mobilization Audits: Corporate HSE Services will conduct post-mobilization audits to ensure compliance with Studon’s HSE Management Program, as well as the clients’ site-specific requirements, within 30 days of project commencement.
  • Quarterly Audits: site-specific audits will be completed by Corporate HSE Services and/or Project Managers on a minimum quarterly basis. 

All audits are documented along with associated corrective action plans. All corrective action plans are verified and signed off by the originator, with all Studon employees and subcontractors required to participate in all auditing efforts.


HSE Initiatives

Recognizing Safety Excellence

Project Zero
We updated our Safety Awards program in 2013 and it is now project specific, driven towards specific goals identified and reached within each individual project. In place of a general recognition, the program develops specific and achievable milestones related to Safety Performance unique to an individual project and rewards our employees as they reach each milestone as a cohesive team. The program has been designed to encourage team performance, excellence and most importantly, to achieve client safety objectives. At Studon, working safely is the first condition of employment.